How I Lost 32 Kilos of Fat and Completely Changed my Life around


How I lost 32 Kilos and completely changed my life around

This is a guest Blog post from a client of mine who wishes to share he’s story so he can help others make the same positive transformation and once again enjoy their life to the fullest.

How I Lost 32 kilos of Fat and Completely Changed my Life Around

Just before last summer, I hit 122 kilos and realized I have hit my lowest point in my health and I needed urgent help.

The stairs looked steep, roads looked long and every breath I took constantly reminded me that I’m absolutely physically unfit and killing myself.

That was a time, when my friend Maral proudly said she has lost 8 kilos in just 8 weeks with a personal trainer from the UK called Lee Skinner here in  Stockholm. I became curious due to how amazing she looked. She became more confident, positive and looked brighter every time we met.

Maral had put me in contact with Lee Skinner. I completed an application form and I patiently waited for Lee to read my application and hopefully agree my place on the program. Lee got back to me within 24 hours and we spoke on the phone.

The next stage was to meet Lee at the gym.

I must admit I was nervous, but excited at the same time. I didn’t know what to expect as I have never worked with a PT before, but one thing for sure was I was about to get my life back on track.

Lee is kind of a coach who understands you (your personality, body and mind) and tries to find out what could be the secret ingredient for your motivation.  Laughter and humor was mine. The more fun the environment is the better I perform and Lee strangely found this early on to make the environment as joyful as possible for me without feeling uncomfortable.

We discussed my nutrition, my health, my goals, wants desires and if I am ready for this transformation.

It seems Lee only wants to work with a specific kind of person. Regardless to where you are right now. I quickly realised Lee wants clients with a positive mindset and the drive to succeed.

I started to realise training hard does not have to be a bad experience. I was having fun around friendly people that wanted me to succeed. The support was incredible and Lee has created an awesome training family. Lees positive and passion manner shows through all his clients. You will soon realise mindset is a very important process to your training.

Lee does not allow excuses, moaning or winning in his training and I like that a lot about Lee. Nobody wants to be around complainers or moaners.

As the program progressed we trained harder, my sweat towel and water bottle was my best friend and each week I notice my body change right in front of my eyes.

The first few weeks where Lee testing me and getting me used to the movements and exercises. Lee constantly encouraged me that I would be fine and my fitness would increase each week. I just had to be patient and never stop trying to do that little bit extra.
Lee often said to me “Raman get comfortable being uncomfortable” since all the wonders happen only in that zone” which is true. He knew for me to progress I would have to work hard for it. Especially as I was very heavy to begin with.

What Lee is looking for in his clients is DRIVE. If you are willing to keep pushing you can achieve anything you wish.

Lee kept me constantly motivated through, sms and Facebook. I would even receive messages on a Sunday morning making sure I kept focused on the target. He never let me slip which was great accountability.

Nothing got in my way of ensuring my body fat would decrease and Lee would not allow any excuses to stop me and he crushed any comments that had any form of negativity. When my weight loss slowed down or stopped Lee told me what to do.

How I lost 32 kilos and completely changed my life around

How I lost 32 kilos and completely changed my life around

I would do active recovery sessions on my non gym lifting days, plus many strength training exercises that I have never ever dreamed of such as Squats, deadlifts, thrusters, kettle bell swings, TRX, all these were becoming part of my everyday life. Not forgetting the importance of correct recovery and rest.

Lees coaching is excellent, he is extremely dedicated and wants you to learn what and why you are doing what you do i the program. He ensures you will train safe and effective and tests you to ensure you are learning and progressing.

This is not your average PT session that I see most days. This is a program that is designed to educate you and give you the confidence to achieve many more things in your life.

Being taught how to eat correctly, meal timing and macro nutrient ratios to suit my body type was all key to my success. Everyone is different and needs different coaching.

The thing is this!

I never felt like I was going to fail. Lee makes it impossible to not reach your goals as long as you follow the plan.

Myself personally I feel like my life has started again. I am happier, more confident, more energy. I can run which I never could before and I can now do anything that comes my way. My personal life has improved. I’m more successful in my career and this is just the beginning, 2016 is going to be simply amazing.

The best thing is seeing all those who used to know me when I was over weight. Their comments and expressions are very full filling.

I would like to thank everyone who has support me throughout these 8 months for all your support and positive words.

Thank You to you all and of course my trainer and friend Lee Skinner.




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  • Joakim Bergman

    Reply Reply January 21, 2016

    Great work, man! The dedication always pays off. You won’t get fitter if you’re a quitter as I always say 🙂 Congratulations!

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